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Been here and forgot to get your souvenier tee-shirt or mug? Or how about that great stuff the chef used to baste your steak with? Now you can get our fantastic seasonings, BBQ Baste, and any of of our clothing products with just a phone call: (805) 937-6151 or (866) 879-4088 or use the form below for selected items.

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Enter Quantity HP Seasoning, BBQ Baste and BBQ Sauce
PLEASE NOTE: Our HP Seasoning is our own very special blend and is not the same as the "Magic Stuff" from the Hitching Post 2 in Buellton. Since we are unable to refund food products, please be sure you are ordering the correct item.


Enter Quantity HP Black and Red T-Shirts


T-Shirt - Medium, Large, X-Large  
T-Shirt - XX-Large  
T-Shirt - XXX-Large  

Mugs and Hats

Enter Quantity HP MugHP Hat

Remember us wherever you are with our logo mug and ball cap style hat!